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Sometimes another pill is not the answer to our suffering. The answer is treating the root of the problem. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic migraines and headaches. If you are one of those people, we are here to help. Approximately half of your brain involved with vision, and 14 muscles are directly responsible for the control of your eye movements and focusing. Yet little, if anything, is often done to test or correct for eye and vision disorders that contribute to chronic migraines and headaches.


At Soma Vision Center, we do things differently than your typical eye doctor. Soma Vision Center is the only eyecare clinic in the country created solely to help those suffering from chronic migraines, headaches, and severe light sensitivity.  Dr. Jamin, also founder of Ease Eyewear, is a leader in his field in the treatment of how eye and vision disorders can lead to these conditions.  Dr. Jamin created Soma Vision Center in order to focus on his passion, which is helping people suffering from chronic headaches and light sensitivity. Soma Vision Center allows him to bring the best technology available, all in one dedicated space

How do my eyes contribute to my migraines and headaches?

The majority of sensory information that your brain takes in comes from your eyes. Yet, often medical providers, and even eyecare professionals, do not recommend or know of proven ways to help regulate the information your brain takes in from your eyes. We work in conjunction with your medical providers to help find the cause and best treatment for your headaches. 


While you may have seen an eye doctor before and been told your eyes were not the cause of your headaches, this may not be the case. There are 3 ways your eyes can be involved with causing headaches. The need for glasses is only one of those ways, but yet, it is often the only thing that is checked during a routine eye examination from an optometrist or ophthalmologist. The other two causes are often not assessed fully, or even at all, during a normal eye exam. The three ways your eyes can be involved in headaches and migraines are:

  • Glasses - Either you need glasses, or your glasses are too strong or too weak. 

  • Eye Misalignment - A large misalignment causes an eye turn, or "lazy eye".  A small eye misalignment can be compensated for by forcing your eyes to work together. This can lead to tired eyes, eye pain, headaches, migraines and in some cases, vertigo. Most people with small eye misalignment do not even know they have it. 

  • Over-stimulating light- About 90% of people suffering from chronic migraines have light sensitivity. For many, light can be the cause of their migraine in the first place. People with migraines and chronic light sensitivity are much more sensitive to certain colors of light. Determining which hues of light are most triggering, and then using precision tinted lenses or contacts can provide significant relief to many individuals suffering from these issues.


Soma Vision Center is the first practice in the United States to use the Neurolens Measurement Device and Colorimeter to help our patients address all eye related causes of chronic migraines and headaches. Whether you have a mild ache at the end of the day, or suffer from frequent, debilitating migraines, we are passionate and dedicated to helping you find the solution. 

How do we provide relief? 

During your neuro-visual examination, you will be evaluated for eye misalignment that can lead to conditions called binocular dysfunction and trigeminal dysphoria. These binocular vision conditions are often missed during routine eye exams. When appropriate, Dr. Jamin prescribes the Neurolens or glasses with prism for those that would benefit. Those that suffer from chronic migraines or light sensitivity will also be tested to determine if individualized precision tinted lenses may be of benefit.

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