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Success Stories

   "I began having debilitating migraines at age 14. I experienced tingling in my arms and legs, numbness, and even neurological symptoms like forgetting common words. After suffering for 18 years and undergoing multiple MRIs, seeing a variety of specialists, and trying multiple medications, some of which had severe side effects including seizures, I was referred to Dr. Jamin for a last ditch effort. After undergoing the thorough testing I was prescribed color-filtering contacts and glasses specific to my sensitivities."

   “The first time I tried on the color-filtering glasses I had a tingling sensation in the top of my head and then the tension just melted down my neck, shoulders, and back. I have such better quality of life now. I went from 20-25 days a month with migraines to maybe three. It worked so well I referred my boss, who also has chronic migraines.” 

     -Mandy Hughes

   "I would like to thank Dr. Quilla and his staff for all their help. I have had migraines for years. We have tried everywhere. The first thing he did was give me a good eye exam. Then told me what he could do for me with the glasses. They really take care you from the time you walk in until you leave. The glasses have really have helped me a lot"

    -Mary Frady

  "They are great!! I did the scan for color lens and found out that I needed blue ones. It has helped my headaches and light sensitively. My new glasses are AMAZING"

    -Carla Rickman

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