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Our Story

Dr. Jamin Quilla first took an interest in how eyes and vision can play a role in headaches and migraines while he was in optometry school. During his training he was exposed to the power of specialized lenses for helping to treat these conditions. Dr. Jamin saw the huge benefit that special testing for those with chronic migraines can have while observing a fellow student that had debilitating migraines, often brought on by indoor lighting. A professor did testing which revealed that a dark blue tint relieved the light sensitivity that brought on the debilitating migraines. Custom tinted contact lenses were created to address her problem. After wearing the contact lens, her migraines nearly vanished. 


After finishing his residency in ocular disease and low vision rehabilitation at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Johnson City, TN, Dr. Jamin and his wife, Dr. Carrie, took over Carolina Vision from a retiring doctor just outside Asheville, NC.


Soon after starting in private practice, Dr. Jamin began to experiment more with tinted lenses. Through working with many patients, he began to discover just how much of a role light can play for so many suffering with chronic headaches and migraines. During this time, Dr. Jamin began investing in specialized equipment for his headache and light sensitivity patients. After a couple years in his private practice he resolved to have a clinic solely dedicated to helping these patients.

In 2019 his primary care practice became the first practice in the country to have a Colorimeter and Neurolens Measurement Device. 

In 2021, Dr. Jamin founded Soma Vision Center for Migraines and Headaches, in order to bring together the best technology available in a space designed for people with chronic headaches, migraines, and light sensitivity. 


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