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The majority of sensory information that your brain takes in comes from your eyes, yet often medical providers do not recommend ways or even know of proven ways to help regulate the information your brain takes in from your eyes.  ​​MRI studies have shown that using precision tinted lenses calms the brain in patients that suffer from migraines better than just using grey lenses (1). We also use precision tinted lenses for people suffering from chronic light sensitivity from conditions such as concussions. 

While you may have been told before that your glasses were not the cause of your headaches, that may not be the case. Your glasses being too strong or too weak are only a part of the potential causes of eye related headaches and light sensitivity. Equally important for those with chronic migraines and light sensitivity are two other factors. Filtering out the portion of light that is most aggravating or triggering, and evaluating for a small misalignment of your eyes.

Light sensitivity is a chronic issue for many people, and unlike the pain from a headache, pills wont get rid of it. For many that suffer from migraines or light sensitivity, precision tinted lenses offer significant relief. Certain studies have shown over 80% of individuals with migraines reported they benefited by wearing precision tinted glasses or contact lenses. One study showed a 74% reduction in the number of migraines in children that wore glasses with this tinted lenses (2). Rose or red/brown tints are most often recommended and have been shown to be effective in reducing the frequency of  migraines. However, not surprisingly, every person is the same. Dr. Jamin has found a large percentage of people actually prefer and benefit more from completely different colors than the "standard migraine colors" recommended for light sensitivity and migraines.


Using a colorimeter, we can test exactly which hue (color) and saturation (darkness of color) most benefits each specific individual.  After testing, we can make a trial tinted lens in office for you to wear to confirm that the specific tint which you choose does provide relief and benefit you. After we make sure we have the best tint possible for you, we order the precision tinted glasses or contact lenses from a specialized lens manufacturer. 

Colorimeter in our office used for testing and refining precision tinted lenses


By combining these lenses, any color and darkness tint can be tested by our patients. 


Many people that would benefit from tinted lenses prefer not to wear tinted glasses at all times. However, custom tinted contact lenses are a good option for many. In fact, they may work better than tinted glasses because some light can enter the eye from around the sides of a pair of glasses, 100% of the light entering the eye has to pass through a tinted contact lens. 


1. Jie Huang, Xiaopeng Zong, Arnold Wilkins, Brian Jenkins, Andrea Bozoki, and Yue Cao. fMRI evidence that precision ophthalmic tints reduce cortical hyperactivation in migraine. Cephalalgia, 0333102411409076, May 26, 2011

2. Good PA, Taylor RH, Mortimer MJ. The use of tinted glasses in childhood migraine. Headache. 1991 Sep;31(8):533-6 

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