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Testing and Treatment

At Soma Vision Center, we do things differently. We do more than a "routine" eye exam. We are the only eyecare clinic in the country created solely to help those with chronic headaches, migraines, and light sensitivity. We are also the only practice in the country to have the Neurolens Measurement Device, and a Colorimeter. To find out more about these devices and how they are used to help our patients,  click on the device below. 

When you have an exam at Soma Vision Center, you are not receiving just another "routine eye exam". While most eye doctors schedule their exams for 10-20 minutes, depending on the reason for your visit, examinations at our clinic are scheduled for 30-45 minutes of time with the doctor. Additionally, the technician will spend 30-60 minutes of time performing tests and getting your history before you see the doctor. Plan to spend 1.5-2 hours when you come for your appointment. 

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